My name is Eric and I'm a front-end developer by way of a Philosophy degree from Florida State University, a few years high end barista experience and many journeys in social justice soldiering. I'm completely self-taught by sheer determination, not being afraid to ask questions, treating every project as a learning experience, and always looking for ways to do my job better. Among other things, I enjoy a good cup of coffee, listening to records, traveling to places unfamiliar and building or creating something original. I'm driven by a desire to be the best version of myself and find a way to make a better world through art and genuine interaction.



Where American-made Designs are Shared, Celebrated and Sold.

  • - Squarespace 6 Developer Platform
  • - Bootstrap 2.3.2
  • - HTML5 / LESS / jQuery
  • - JSON templating
  • - Conceptualized UI / Designed layout with clients
  • - Full integrated e-commerce

Demo for CEO keynote

  • - Designed and Developed screens for a 19 page demo using framer.js to simulate gestures and behaviors native to iOS.
  • - Contributed conceptual ideas and wireframed screens using Axure and Illustrator. Helped design critiques and processes with a five person design team.
  • - As a part of a three person dev team, (having never heard of, nor used framer.js before) we learned on the fly and turned out a great demo in three weeks time.


Progress through Education. Enlighentment through music.

  • - PHP for wordpress
  • - Custom grid structure, responsive to mobile
  • - HTML5/ CSS3 / jQuery
  • - Conceptualized UI / Designed layout


  • - HTML5/ SASS / Javascript
  • - GruntJS & Compass
  • - Custom mobile navigation
  • - JIRA for bug tracking
  • - Responsive to mobile
  • - worked as a part of a ten person team developing and testing templates for GYBO


blowout and makeup bar in lakeview, Chicago

  • - Custom grid structure, responsive to mobile
  • - HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery
  • - Worked as a team with The Vaguely